Walking the Heath

Message from Neil Rhind:

Dear Buglers

Sorry to do a little self-promotion but Roger Marshall and I thought your followers would like to know that our Walking the Heath book is now published. There was a delay but that is all over now and copies (£7.50) can be had from the Blackheath Society , 10 Blackheath Village, SE3 9LE, or the usual outlets. Also this Saturday 21 December, from 11am to 1pm at the Age Exchange shop. Members of the Society or those who join on the spot can get a copy (only one, mind you) for a Fiver. For those slightly fed up with Rhind on Blackheath history topics might like to know they can rest until mid summer when Volume III of the Blackheath serial should be available.

It’s also in The Bookshop on the Heath (see photo).


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5 responses to “Walking the Heath

  1. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Right, shall be queuing at Age Exchange on Saturday. Other than that, what are ‘the usual outlets’?
    Er, Waking the Heath or Walking the Heath?

  2. Bob Land

    “Waking the Heath”, please don’t it is sometimes such a peaceful place.

  3. Neil Rh

    Alan B-G wins the prize for the first one to spot the deliberate typing error. He can have an unsigned copy as these are increasingly rare. N & R

  4. Roger Marshall

    Neil and I had a busy morning today signing copies at Age Exchange, thus forcing up the value of the unsigned copies, taking a leaf out of Charles Saatchi’s book so to speak. If you want one of the latter as a stocking filler (it will just fit) your best chance is from Chapman House, the home for a short while longer of the Blackheath Society. Wendy will be there on Monday 23rd from 9.00 am to lunchtime.

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