Christmas lights were discussed in July

From the minutes of the Blackheath Assembly held on July 3rd:

Howard Shields from the Blackheath Society and Councillor Amanda de Ryk spoke to the Assembly.
It was advised that money needs to be raised to update and improve the Village Christmas lights as they were disappointing last year. The councillors have given some of their discretionary funding for new bulbs. It is felt that lights give a real boost to the village for residents and traders.

It’s great to have minuted meetings and local assemblies, so that the public can see what’s going on, but if there are no action points and outcomes as a result of the assembly meetings, one wonders what’s the point?

An electrician brought in now could surely fix these. The assembly has £15,000 a year to spend per ward.

A spot of googling finds many companies willing to supply external festoons.

Surely one of our councillors should have been able to make this happen.


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4 responses to “Christmas lights were discussed in July

  1. Helen

    Christmas lights. When we first had them, some years ago, the shops and businesses in the village paid for them – the same as the Oxford Street shops pay for theirs. This is not a charity. The lights are there to encourage people from further afield to come and shop in the village. End of story.

  2. Anonymous

    The Blackheath Assembly has been highjacked by the single issue of a playspace on Blackheath, with very little time or energy left over for discussion about anything else. The issue of the Christmas lights was a symptom of this- it was brought up very quickly at the end of the Assembly meeting when everyone had lost the will to live/had rushed to the exit.

  3. Anonymous

    Blackheath Lights – another nail in the coffin of a slowly fading village. I used to go there weekend for the market & the lovely restaurants. Now my favourite restaurants are gone & even Starbucks has left. And of course the insane weekend parking charges. I now go to Greenwich, park in Waitrose, do a grocery shop and have a wander around there. There is nothing to tempt me in Blackheath that I cannot get in Greenwich.
    Ultimately they are all the same – chain restaurants, identikit stores but at least Greenwich has the market.


  4. Kate

    Greenwich also has Royal Hill shops which are pricey but really nice, can’t go too wrong with the Standard either. I still love Blackheath though how ever much it frustrates me.

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