Skanska’s lights


These lights could be from any town anywhere in the UK. I really hope the lovely strings of Christmas bulbs are back up and running next year. I wonder what would have happened if Skanska had not won the contract to update all the street lamps. Would we have no Christmas lights, or would someone have found a way to repair the existing ones?


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28 responses to “Skanska’s lights

  1. Anonymous

    They are awful!!!!

  2. Cathie Gard

    I agree that the Blackheath lights were really special, and I hope they will be back in all their glory in future years, but Blackheath is relatively lucky still. I live in Brockley and the sum total if our festive lights, courtesy of Lewisham council, is a few white bulbs round a single lampost at Brockley Cross!

  3. Matthew Gough

    it’s very disappointing. These lights are pretty enough, but as you say could be from anywhere. The strings of lights were so pretty and characterful: they really made the village feel special! What with all the individual shops closing down and the village filling up with estate agents, blackheath is beginning to loose its character. :-(

    Can you remind us who to contact about the lights?

  4. I totally agree. There are many examples where I can’t understand how lucky Blackheath is. A great example is the station: How is it that Lewisham station gets surrounded by massive billboard ads, and Blackheath doesn’t. I’m sure it’s down to pressure from local societies and residents groups, but it really annoys me every time I go through Lewisham station (which I spend more time in than Blackheath). Why shouldn’t Lewisham’s station look as good as Blackheath’s? Anyway, sorry to divert, but I totally agree that these lights look pretty sad, and I hope they’re not the beginning of Blackheath’s townification. (Is that a word?)

  5. Matthew Gough

    Ok, i’ve just had a look at the website linked to one of your earlier posts about this, and it looks like there are some contact details for the people who ran Blackheath Lights Ltd back in 2009 when the BVTA closed down. That website also said that the lights would require only £5000 per year for maintenance.

    I’m going to email Hilton at Heath Estates (whom I vaguely know) and ask him if he has any news. If anyone knows any of the other people involved, please feel free to contact them too!

  6. Is there a Kickstarter equivalent for charitable projects? I’m sure if someone created one for the xmas lights, it would attract a lot of funding. I do think it’s pretty feeble that the council can’t fund it. It’s hardly a moonshot in terms of technical complexity is it?

  7. Vicky

    Half the lights on the lamp posts aren’t even on either. The Mayor said its a transitional year … Lets hope so.

    • joanna

      its an absolute disgrace and yes only half the lamp posts in the village have lights on what was the deal with Skanska? I am sure the money could be raised to repair and replace, its not too late, we must be able to raise that money locally, we have at least 60 shops operating in the village, do you not think they could all give £80?? lets try it?

  8. Simply can’t believe the situation! Yes, at least we have some form of festivity… If you can call them that… Was nicer walking back past the Clarendon!

    So how many thousands of pounds did we waste on the existing led lamps? Surely they can be fixed??? There isn’t much that can go wrong with them… Get them down… Lay them out in a warehouse and at least take a look?! They haven’t worked properly since the first year they were switched on, surely they would have had some sort of warranty… Where did they come from? Who is responsible? I’m sure we would be inundated with volunteers to help in any way possible! Let’s get them sorted by next year.

  9. One of the nicest things about Xmas in blackheath was the view coming over the Heath with the strings of lights running through the village – is it too late to try and raise the funds to have the old ones switched on? The current lights are such a disappointment that I would imagine many local businesses not being averse to sponsoring having the nice old ones reinstated, no?

  10. ThePirateKing

    Posting to add my voice to the others highlighting how unspecial the current lights look.

    The ones from the last four years left a lot to be desired as well. If there’s a money raising focus (which I think is a good idea) then please can it be to go back to the really special old fashioned strings of lights that the village had for a decade before the recent downgrades?

    I know that Councillor Kev B said that it would be a topic at the next Blackheath Assembly – so that might be a good place to start too.

    • Anonymous

      The village Christmas lights were on the Blackheath Assembly agenda months ago. We should get some input from our Councillors on this, they have discretionary funding, where is our money being spent?

  11. Kate

    Dismal half hearted attempt at Christmas lights, very sad. I have donated money every year toward the lights and if there had been an appeal I’d have done it again as I’m sure many others would have too.

  12. I agree with much of the comments above. The new lights look tacky and make the place look like it could be anywhere. Really sad, as the Village normally looks special at Christmas.

  13. James Parkin

    I’ll do the lights for a grand if someone will lend me a ladder

  14. Mince PIe

    I am so ashamed of Blackheath -what a disgrace-The festoons were lovely and I used to tell my friends that they were better than anywhere else in London . Lets do something NOW !

  15. Rob

    Have always take my two kids since they were babies to the lighting. It has been a gradual decline the last couple of years and this year was a real low. Sadly can see it completely disappearing. We all left very despondent. As others we have always donated to any appeal and would so again in the future. Not sure where they go from here, it can’t get any worse. The lights were always one of the things that made Blackheath special.

  16. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Bugle
    Our Labour Party councillors, Kevin Bonavia and Amanda de Ryk negotiated hard to get these lights up and will work to see the lights are further improved next year. Where were all the chain shops’ contributions?
    Let us be grateful for what has been accomplished.

    • Joanna

      Where The chains asked to contribute and did they refuse? We have just managed to raise a huge amount for the conservatoire in less than 2 months, we love Blackheath. I wonder how many lamp posts where part of the deal?, they stop abruptly in the village by the travel shop, whats wrong with having lights on 4/5 more or did the budget not stretch to this? There really are a lot of disgruntled people, everyone I know would have gladly contributed had they been asked!!!It’s really very sad!

    • Joe

      Yes, give them a break… They’ve only had a year plus to sort these lights out… Thank heavens the pound shop came up trumps!!

  17. Lizzie

    visit Crown Road in Shoreham (near Sevenoaks) if you want your children to see how Christmas lights should look!

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