Rent a Christmas tree

Interesting idea at the farmers market. Rent a Christmas tree online, they deliver, then collect it afterwards to replant. Every tree I’ve ever owned has looked distinctly dead by the end of Christmas, but perhaps it could work? Prices are slightly higher than the Village Flower Shop where I bought mine, but I guess you’re paying for ease of delivery/disposal too. If you do get one from the flower shop, be sure to ask to look at the other trees in the basement – it’s massive. Like a florist’s TARDIS…


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3 responses to “Rent a Christmas tree

  1. Sue Corlett

    Blimey, the idea sounds good, but aren’t most trees bald after Christmas! x x


  2. miles roddis

    A wonderful idea. For years I’ve agonised – mildly: it didn’t hurt too much, I confess- round about 6 January, thinking how to get rid of our needle-shedding, lost-its-purpose Christmas tree. Great to know that, a little bit larger, it might grace someone else’s living room

  3. Mr Eee

    Not sure I understand the point of this. Collecting and replanting the tree will increase carbon emissions, and replanting rather than growing a new tree from scratch won’t be saving any (younger trees grow faster and lock in more carbon –$file/6_planting_more_trees.pdf).

    I’m afraid to say it seems like a gimmick to me.

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