The gravy train continues

As you may recall, I had a lovely £50 voucher from my last disastrous long distance train journey. As I could only redeem it in a station, I checked the prices on Monday morning using thetrainline (£150), then popped over to the station on Tuesday to purchase the tickets.

Guess what? They’d gone up by £50 overnight.


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6 responses to “The gravy train continues

  1. Anonymous

    Why are you surprised? This is not new. Tickets are always discounted prior to the day of travel… Why this is so is another matter.

    • I know it’s not new. I’m not travelling until the end of December. It’s just incredibly frustrating. The cards in the deck are all stacked in their favour. If I’d just bought the ticket without using the compensation voucher, I would have paid the same price.

  2. rjp

    It’s probably an unholy combination of buying online vs the station, them selling out of cheap tickets, rolling over a date boundary, and who knows what else. I’ve given up trying to buy in advance, it’s not worth the mental trauma.

  3. Sorry, rather like the fare system, you’ve lost me here. I thought you got £1.10??

  4. Beefy

    Sounds like you are jinxed. Shanks’ pony next time?

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