Skanska’s Blackheath Christmas lights

Following on from an interesting tweet yesterday by @bonniepipkin, an article in The Guide last week implies that this year’s Christmas lights will only be wrapped around the new lamp posts (I refuse to say lighting columns), instead of the traditional hanging festoons. I don’t know whether this is actually the case. I’ve emailed the Blackheath Christmas Lights website, but not heard anything back yet. It would be a great shame if it were true- they’re very much part of what makes the village look so picturesque in the winter months.


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7 responses to “Skanska’s Blackheath Christmas lights

  1. Helen

    It is time the shops take this over again – that is the traditional way

  2. Richard Tomkins

    It’s also time the lights were removed after Christmas, and not left dangling over the village for twelve months.

  3. Kate

    Every year there is the threat that the Christmas lights won’t be funded and We always pull together to donate a small amount to make sure it happens. Is funding an issue this year?

  4. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    That website is older than the current generation of lights — it gives the switch-on details for 2009: and the home page is unavailable.

  5. Beefy

    So when are the lights being turned on? 1Dec or 7Dec?

  6. AnonAnon

    The Village just isn’t the same without the coloured lights across the streets. Surely a local sponsor could be found to fund this attractive and traditional part of Christmas in Blackheath! And what about the sad-looking Christmas tree at the top of Tranquil Vale? Despite the combined efforts of the four elderly gents I saw attempting to install it, the tree is listing horribly to one side and remains devoid of lights or decorations. Compared with the tree at the Blackheath Standard it really is a sorry sight.

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