Blackheath Society Photos

Loads of great stuff here.
Weirdly, you’re asked for a login name and email address before you enter the site, but no password is ever required.
* Fairground from 1904 to the 1990s is interesting.
* Talk by Neil Rhind about the Heath.
* Windmills and Caverns. Wish we still had both..


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4 responses to “Blackheath Society Photos

  1. Bob Land

    I sent The Bugel an email yesterday(Sunday) , and the article appeared in no time. Quick work Mr. Bugle. You obviously found it before I did.

  2. Alex Grant

    Well worth looking at their website, I have written my own take on the archive at There is a lot more to Blackheath’s history than meets the eye.

  3. LocalResident

    So, the Blackheath Society has been sorting out its photos. Great. Now how about doing something about the website? To say that it is uninformative, outdated and irrelevant is putting it mildly. Take page 1 for example. Why the ad for the “shope” (sic) at Ide Hill? Where was the information about the fireworks? Why is the most recent Newsletter dated Spring 2013? Keep scrolling through and you will find an entire blank page dedicated to the Olympics while the section on the Village is full of the imminent reopening of Age Exchange in May 2012. Surely there has to be someone at our local amenity society who cares enough about communicating with the outside world to revamp and update this sorry effort?

    • Anonymous

      You could volunteer. None of the hard-working organisers are paid. Or go to the “drop-in” at Age Exchange between 11am-1pm on Saturday and berate the committee members. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

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