Open House London this weekend

Window of Boone's Chapel by Alex Mitchell on Flickr
Open House London is a rare opportunity to see inside some of London’s most interesting buildings. It’s on this weekend. Some buildings require tickets or email requests to enter, but many are first-come-first-served. Such as the amazing looking Boone’s Chapel built in 1682 on Lee High Road, which I hope to check out this weekend! Great photo set here by @darryl1974 showing the interior.

Lewisham’s Open Houses.

Greenwich Open Houses (Severndroog Castle is a great option). My sightseeing trip from 2008 is now out of date since the renovations. The Quaker Meeting House in Blackheath, or Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich are also good options.

Boone’s Chapel site (now an architectural office).

Photo credit: Alex Mitchell on Flickr


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3 responses to “Open House London this weekend

  1. Anonymous

    I would recommend the Vintners Hall on the city .

  2. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    St Margaret’s Church on Belmont Hill is open on Sunday from lunchtime (well, it’s open earlier for the services). It has amazing preraphaelite-style Victorian wall paintings, superbly restored over the past few years. Sir Ian Mills helped to lead the fund-raising and the restoration. He was also one of the people driving the Boone Chapel project (and Age Exchange).
    Declaration of interest: my wife Joan is on duty at St Margaret’s as a guide through Sunday. She’s a priest there.

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