In print, sort of…

It feels very strange to see the name of my blog in the shop windows around Blackheath. I sometimes feel as though this blog doesn’t really get published anywhere other than on my own screen.

I had the same experience when I went to the lovely Spice of Life curry house, and saw part of my review on their menus a while back. (Pretty sure it’s gone now, but it was fun whilst it lasted).

So it’s really nice to see fragments of my demented typing appear in the physical world occasionally, rather than only existing in the dark shadowy cyber realm…


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6 responses to “In print, sort of…

  1. jessica

    oh don’t fear Mr Bugle – you are well known in blackheath! If you attend an assembly meeting you would hear about yourself alot!

  2. Very funny Jessica! As long as they don’t try to contact him via a séance….

    Glad you’re chuffed Mr Phantom. Thanks for your work on this site.

  3. Anonymous

    You should put a card up in the window of Sheperds advertising this great blog

  4. You have also been tweeted about in LA and on the Poke. And you are the new star of the Blackheath tea hut, go take a look.

  5. Matthew Gough

    Just finished reading the book – it’s a great fun bit of super camp melodrama (both the main story and the ‘story within the story’). Well worth a look.

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