Lewisham Hospital downgrade ruled illegal

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A very good point from Gina:

What? Not a word from the Bugle, the Blackheath Society or the Blackheath Village Residents’ Association in response to the fantastic ruling by the High Court that Jeremy Hunt was acting outside his powers when he announced the downgrading of Lewisham Hospital’s maternity and A&E departments??

The absence of comment from our local bloggers and websites could mean that not everyone is aware of a petition seeking to persuade Jeremy Hunt to accept the decision and not spend more taxpayers’ money appealing it.

This is the link:

Local people have won a sensational battle, but the war goes on. Please sign the petition and forward it to absolutely everybody!

More on the story here:


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3 responses to “Lewisham Hospital downgrade ruled illegal

  1. Dodo

    not a comment just a warning that the Lewisham Parking shop has closed for good and if you need visitor parking permits , dastardly Lewisham have gone paperless so you have to get them online or by phone and the wardens will have electronic details -more faff and bother every day! Grrr

  2. It’s fantastic news about the hospital and a genuine illustration of what a well organised campaign is capable of.
    But why the surprise about no comment from the Blackheath Society? They have their own hospital in the middle of the village!
    Hat, coat, door etc.

    • Beefy

      The posters are very good. I reckon they would look good in Jeremy Hunt’s home constituency of South West Surrey (Hindhead)

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