Fire on the heath!

Here are a couple of videos of the bushfire in Blackheath last Monday, on the corner of Maze Hill and Charlton Way. The video above is before the fire brigade arrived, and the one below is afterwards.

Many thanks to Rebecca who sent them in. She says that the fire brigade arrived just in time. It spread from about a meter square to this size in minutes.


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3 responses to “Fire on the heath!

  1. Brian Greenfield

    My earliest memory of Blackheath 60+ years was it being on fire, well smouldering anyway. I recall my father reported it to a police officer who didn’t seem over bothered as I recall so it was probably commonplace

    Brian Greenfield

  2. Anonymous

    We live in the Parkside flats overlooking the area where the fire went off this year… I’ve personally called the fire department 3 times since we moved in, usually in the middle of the night, to put out fires in that area. Unfortunately the fires have usually been lit for a laugh from my experience. The best example was a presumably stolen car that was set alight maybe 2 years ago. Our fave was when the fire department literally pissed on the fire to put it out. They had a laugh and thankfully so did we.

  3. Joe

    Well done to those who called the fire brigade so quickly! It looks bad (albeit a lot better since the rain has allowed some re-growth), but it’s still much better than 2 years ago when some weirdo/s were going around setting fire to different patches of the Dips every other day, presumably also for a laugh.
    It wouldn’t even have been so bad if it had not been during bird nesting season, so at least this year most of them had a chance to nest without being incinerated. Thanks to everyone such as anonymous who looks out for this site.

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