Snakes on a train

Several reports of a man carrying a snake in Blackheath today:


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8 responses to “Snakes on a train

  1. Anonymous

    actually I believe it’s a marten, not a ferret

  2. Alphonso

    Actually, I believe it’s a marten. The ferret thingy, not the snake thingy, obv.

  3. Helen Tomkins

    Thank you Heidi and everyone for drawing our attention to this. I’ve not seen him and hope snake will soon go back to where he or she belongs – not Blackheath Village!

  4. If it’s a white snake there’s every chance it’s a Burmese Python.

    Adders aren’t that big and are venomous so I doubt he’d carry one around.

  5. antmanbee

    good to see that Harris is doing something useful . . .

  6. Mr Eee

    You’re not good with snakes? That’s too bad. I detest Staffies.

    Nothing to stop somebody carrying a snake around if it’s not venomous.

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