Blackheath’s LibDem councillor defects to Labour

Amanada de Rky defects from LibDems to Labour in Blackheath
Amanda De Ryk, formerly the LibDem councillor for the Blackheath ward has resigned from the LibDems to join Labour. Press release is here, and her (very quiet) twitter account is @AmandadeRyk.

Lewisham council’s website listing local councillors hasn’t reflected the changes yet.


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4 responses to “Blackheath’s LibDem councillor defects to Labour

  1. antmanbee

    disgraceful – if councillors swap parties there should be a by-election so they can hope to retake their seat, in fact it should be a moral obligation, unfortunately politicians seldom have moral judgement . . .

  2. Anonymous

    Local elections should be about local politics, not national issues. I reluctantly voted Labour at the General Election but backed this lady locally because I wanted someone local, feisty and outside the traditional cabal. I will not support her again. I will lookfor another outsider.

    All her arguments about shifting loyalties to better drive local issues are specious. She could back the Labour line without betraying Liberal voters. I suspect she is more worried about a collapse of Lib support in the election. Rodents and sinking ships spring to mind.

  3. I am generally a Labour voter, but completely agree that if a politician wishes to change parties mid-term they should stand for re-election.
    I happen to agree with her views on the coalition, but she is meant to represent local people locally and they should be given a chance to agree or disagree with her principles.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s an odd coincidence that it’s happened right after the demise of her pet project to develop Eliot Pits.

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