Blackheath mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest novel

Inferno novel by Dan Brown
As spotted by Neil Short on Twitter, Blackheath is mentioned in Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno (he who wrote The Da Vinci Code, and other cheesy thrillers)

Here’s the passage:

“The bio was a gushing account of a child theater prodigy—Sienna Brooks—with an off- the-chart IQ, who had, in a single night, memorized every character’s lines and, during initial rehearsals, often cued her fellow cast members. Among this five-year-old’s hobbies were viol- in, chess, biology, and chemistry. The child of a wealthy couple in the London suburb of Blackheath, the girl was already a celebrity in scientific circles; at the age of four, she had beat a chess grand master at his own game and was reading in three languages.
My God, Langdon thought. Sienna. That explains a few things.”

Gripping eh? Who would have thought such an accomplished author would resort to using Blackheath as shorthand for wealth and privilege…


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5 responses to “Blackheath mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest novel

  1. PeeGem

    I wonder which local Blackheath school this young lady attended?
    …. as usual with Dan, poor research!

  2. Rupert Fiennes

    Blackheath mummies like to boast too. She probably actually learnt to read at 4 :-)

  3. Mr Eee

    Thanks for that. That snippet just reminded me while I will never read another Dan Brown book again.

  4. Anonymous

    I never believed I would read anything worse than Jeffrey Archer. I was wrong.

  5. JK

    Anyone know the page number?!

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