Festival not OnBlackheath this year

Looks like the John Lewis / OnBlackheath music festival on the heath has now been postponed until September 2014, according to this comment from councillor Kevin Bonavia:

Lewisham Council has just been notified by OnBlackheath that they have decided not to go ahead with the event this year. I understand that OnBlackheath are now working on plans for September 2014, which we are likely to hear more about towards the end of this year.


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7 responses to “Festival not OnBlackheath this year

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  2. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Reminds me of that old Private Eye cartoon:
    First person: “I’m writing a book.”
    Second person: “Neither am I.”

  3. bigboz

    It does begin to look like this will never happen. Any idea what audience they are/were targetting?

  4. Anonymous

    Another application now before council. Good cause and in the right location away from homes. But why in perpetuity rather than annual renewal to take account of any problems?

    Good Hope Festival Ltd, Blackheath – area bordering Shooters Hill Rd, Prince Charles Rd & Goffers Rd, London SE3 0TZ
    Plays, Films, Live Music, Recorded Music, Performances of dance, Anything of a similar description & Sale of alcohol on the premises
    The first full weekend in August every year
    Saturday 11:00 – 21:00
    Sunday 12:00 – 21:00

  5. RB35

    does anyone know if residents will be given discounts for tickets?

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