More on the pits

Article in the News Hopper about Eliot Pits. Comes out essentially saying that there’s been an “outcry” from 550 petitioners.

Also interesting comment in a previous post about this subject:

According to Steve Bullock’s office, the idea for using Eliot Pits as a pocket park was initially suggested by none other than the Blackheath Society. Unbelievable but true. That’s the same people who threw away £80K trying to stop a two-day pop concert just yards away from the one place in the area where urban kids can play as they would in the country. What are these people up to!

I don’t know whether this is true, but I’ve dropped an email to the Mayor, to see what the response is.


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2 responses to “More on the pits

  1. jane gardner

    I thought pocket parks were supposed to be in urban areas with little access to green space. How can Blackheath qualify as a pocket park – either by description or for the purpose of obtaining funding? Bizarre….

  2. anonymous123

    I and my friends played in ‘The Dip’ every day in the 1940s USING OUR OWN IMAGINATIONS. Why not keep it for today’s kids to use THEIR imagination? Why do they always have been given something to do? We could hear skylarks above our heads and we had the time of our lives in The Dip and it didn’t cost anyone a penny. Preserve this lovely piece of the Heath – so much of it is being spoiled.

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