Eliot Pits – a map

Where is Eliot Pits? A map
I thought this might come in handy – here’s a map.
(click to get to the Google Map).

The green area is Eliot Pits where the playground is planned.
The blue is Heathside and Lethbridge, an estate being redeveloped without a play area. See the architects plans here.
The orange is the big flat space of land mentioned in Kate B’s comment.

I’ve no idea whether it is available or not, but it seems to me that there are plenty of urban areas in Lewisham which would benefit from a playground. If the Blackheath Society define themselves as Guardians of the Heath, that’s a tricky role to live up to, whilst attempting to please everyone in the area. It seems this proposal may have been a step in the wrong direction.


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8 responses to “Eliot Pits – a map

  1. Matthew Gough

    I think there’s been some confusion: this idea wasn’t proposed by the Blackheath society, it was proposed by the Blackheath Assembly; a very different organisation. The Blackheath society mentioned it in their last newsletter as they’d also just heard about it, and didn’t express an opinion either way though they said there were clear advantages and disadvantages. They asked members to pass on their views and opinions whilst saying they were going to investigate further so they could make an informed opinion.

    Personally, whilst I think it’s a shame that the world now appears so evil and threatening that children can’t just play in the woods (like this old fart used to), I do welcome more playgrounds and things that will encourage more people, especially young families, to enjoy the Heath and surrounding areas.

    If it was up to me, I’d put it on Washerwoman’s bottom (the site of the giant screen for the Olympics). It’s safe, easy to get to, reasonably well surrounded by foliage etc. and could really become a ‘community hub’. It’s much more appropriate than a hidden corner of the Heath that no one really knows about and is full of wild natural beauty that would suffer during any construction, and would almost certaintly be vandalised within a months as it’s such a secluded spot.

    Perhaps we could have some picnic tables too!

  2. Angry Grandparent

    Why not have a play area at the Point for the estate, years ago my granddad used to put rope swings up back in the regulation free 70’s there.

    I was showing my daughters using Street View, the old beat my great granddad used to do from his house in Point Hill zigzagging from pub to free cup of tea across the heath, along to the Standard (for more free beer) and then down into Greenwich for even more beer, tea and back to an earbashing from Alice my great grandmother, they say when he passed on he had an almost serene smile on his face as he was somewhat nagged from what I was told :)

    • Matthew Gough

      Oh! I was going to suggest The Point too!

      I’ve read around some more of the comments posted here, and I’ve two thoughts:

      1) isn’t this funding for ‘pocket parks’ to get some nice greenery and play space into otherwise nature free urban areas? If so this clearly isn’t the spot.

      2) people grumbling about how far away the playground is in Greenwich park and how nice it will be to have something ‘near the village’ should really check a map: from the village Eliot Pit is about 2/3 the distance to playground in the park, and it’s actually further away for prowl living to the north and east of the Heath.

      3) who is this playground actually for? I realise now that the funding is for urban developments, and there’s a much greater need or this in other corners of the borough that don’t have such easy access to the Heath or Greenwich park. How about the patch of land near Lewisham station where the pub used to be?

      • Matthew Gough

        And the fourth of my two points (!) is:

        4) no matter how carefully you proof read it, a comment written on an iPhone always ends up with at least a couple of stupid autocorrects. My apologies. ;-)

  3. creepylesbo

    I don’t think the area on Connington Road is Lewisham’s ground, I think that comes under Greenwich, which may be part of the issue.

    • That bit of land just comes under Lewisham borough (the border is Conington Road itself, then Morden Hill) but I think it’s in Lewisham Central ward, so wouldn’t come under the ambit of the Blackheath ward assembly.

  4. Anonymous

    This is very puzzling because the Blackheath Assembly minutes of their meeting of 29/01/13 clearly state that the S106 funding comes from the estate behind Tesco which is cleary The Connington Estate located outside the Blackheath ward. Why are these funds used to promote a playspace in another Ward?

    • S106 agreements can be as transparent as a brick wall – at least it’s only up the road from the Orchard estate (although presumably not much good for the kids who live there as they’d have to cross Lewisham Road to get there).

      Across the border in Greenwich, S106 cash tends to disappear quietly with little evidence of benefit to local communities.

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