John Lewis Music Festival plans for Blackheath

UPDATE: OnBlackheath have decided to postpone the event, and are now thinking of September 2014 as the likely date. See post here.

The plan to host a music festival on the Heath has reappeared. OnBlackheath have applied to host a festival in September, sponsored by John Lewis.

See the email sent by the Blackheath Society earlier today:

We have received confirmation that OnBlackheath (previously NIMBY) has applied, at this late stage, to Lewisham Council for permission to hold a two day pop festival on the Heath on September 7th/8th. The event is apparently to be sponsored by John Lewis and called “John Lewis on Blackheath”. Little further information is currently available.

Members will recall that the Society lost its appeal against the granting of the Premises Licence for this event (in perpetuity) in 2011. However, we are fortunate that this current application takes place in the context of an Events Policy for the Heath agreed as a result of the earlier controversy, and with procedures well defined. Any such application has to be considered by the Blackheath Joint Working Party, and a detailed Event Management Plan has to be submitted and agreed before Lewisham issue any final permission.

We expect to play a full part in this process, and will keep members fully informed. The issues which caused serious concern last time will be re-examined in this exercise.

Members views and feedback are always welcome, at any stage.

Please play nicely in the comments…


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9 responses to “John Lewis Music Festival plans for Blackheath

  1. Ed

    Not THAT John Lewis… Surely it’s .

  2. Kate B

    So they’re going to be sponsoring *two* music festivals within three months? I wondered if it was something to do with raising awareness of the new Waitrose in Greenwich. It’s a very late application – I hope there’s time for the proper examination of the things which caused concert last year.

  3. Delano

    These look more like tame musical evenings for yummy mummy type John Lewis customers, many of whom reside in the likes of Kew/Blackheath. I wouldn’t expect Glastonbury based on what I have read, prevous head-liners at Kew are the likes of Jools Holland and Jamie Callum – so I wouldn’t expect it to be too scary for those ‘shier’ residents. Could be a nice event to have on our doorsteps if the sun shines now that Greenwich has lost its summer music and comedy festivals :)

    • Anonymous

      Please define “our doorsteps”. Does yours overlook the site? My understanding was that objections came mainly from the dozens of homes which DO overlook and will face the full brunt of amplified music and a 25000 crowd. [Jules Holland fronts a VERY big band nowaqdays].

      • Mr Eee

        I own a property overlooking the Heath – open the door, cross the road, on the heath.

        But you know what – I bought my property not the Heath. What’s more I knew the Heath was a public space and would therefore have events on it. Occasional inconvenience is the price I knew I’d pay for having this amazing amenity on my doorstep. In my humble opinion people should shut up and see what the event is actually like before complaining about how their lives will be ruined by it.

        For the record my house is not overlooking the site – but even if it was I wouldn’t be concerned. I do hope however that all those that are in direct proximity get freebie tickets

  4. Richard

    John Lewis on Blackheath (NIMBY) Show
    1) How much are the promoters paying to rent the venue on our heath?

    2) Who gets the money?

    Richard a Lewisham council tax payer

  5. Neil

    Well, I’m quite excited about this news and I speak as someone whose doorstep is very nearly on the Heath.
    I just hope it’s an interesting line-up.

  6. Lewisham Council has just been notified by OnBlackheath that they have decided not to go ahead with the event this year. I understand that OnBlackheath are now working on plans for September 2014, which we are likely to hear more about towards the end of this year.

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