Brake Bikes

I’m no expert on bikes, but have to say that the eye-catching Brake Bikes make a nice addition to Blackheath’s high street. The business model is interesting – a kind of “pop-up shop” appearing outside various shops on the street – I’ve seen them at the hairdressers next to Strada, and Raffles the clothes shop. Wondering if a bike shop could be the next addition to the high street? Never ridden a “fixie” myself, unless you count a BMX (many years ago).
UPDATE: They’re not fixies. See the comments. Told you I don’t know about bikes :)


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7 responses to “Brake Bikes

  1. Bob Land

    This photo brought back some memories, we had ordinary bikes back in the fifties, in racing bike style, i.e. no mudguards, drop down, taped handlebars.
    We often used to chop and change between free wheel and fixed wheel, often or not with a 14 teeth cog, it was hard work getting up to speed, but once there, you could really fly . Later most of us switched to the more sophisticated derailleur. Quite often during the summer holidays,we would be lazing around on the grass on the Heath, and suddenly decide to hare off on our bikes to Chislehurst or Keston Ponds.

    Those were the days!

    • Bob Land

      An addition to my post.

      One of the guys, way back then, broke his leg in a football match, he used to cycle nearly every day from St. Germans Place , where he lived, to the Village, he had a fixed wheel bike, it was a comical sight, right leg , in plaster, dangling on one side, crutch held horizontal across the handlebars and pedalling with the left leg. Health & Safety would have a fit nowadays if they saw or heard about that.

  2. HI, I am Rachel Thomas, i wished i met you today, i was there, Yes Raffles and Chandler Wright are supporting my Local business. The bikes are Street Art, within a fashion product that is environment friendly. And NOT a fixie, they can freewheel. simple single speed,.

    Stop by an say hello .

    Thanks for the post.
    Rachel Thomas (brake bikes)

  3. Steve

    Won’t catch me on a bike with no mudguards. Function wins over form every time for me.

  4. Bob Land

    Why we cycled without mudguards, I suppose nowadays it would be called “cool”. Although when I think it about now, with or without, it is all very trivial !!! Just something that was done , at the point in time.

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