Leaning on a lamp column

Nobody calls them lamp columns. Nobody.


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15 responses to “Leaning on a lamp column

  1. Neesargon

    ………..and they bring in a Swedish company to do the job.
    No wonder this country is in such a bad way.

    • Alan Burkitt-Gray

      Seems to be a global company, with operations in dozens of countries. So what? If A British company won business in, say, Germany would you say: “No wonder Germany is in such a bad way.”

    • Bob Land

      Skanska Head Office for the UK , is apparently situated in Rickmansworth

  2. That’s amusing!

    Talking of replacing things… Great to see the improvements have started up at the Standard starting with the dodging crossing at the top of the hill! They have removed the mobile island and looks like a chicane and safe zone implemented!

    At last… Money being spent wisely.

  3. Great work, though I hope the posters do not distract drivers ending up crashing into people and buildings

  4. It seems to be a term used in official-land, from a brief Google (at first I wondered if it was a translation glitch from Swedish). Found a brief discussion on a forum http://www.angmeringvillage.co.uk/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1378 in which they suggested calling it a Darkness Inhibition Structure ;)

  5. I’m still feeling testy about what Skanska call ‘heritage lanterns’ (and what I call ‘Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’-style lampposts) being ripped out of Ryculff Square to be replaced by models that would look more at home on the side of a motorway. Now, I’m all for energy efficiency and ease of maintenance but, given this is supposed to be a conservation area, it’s rather galling that aesthetic considerations and sensitivity to the character of the local environment were never a feature of the plan.

    (Link to plan here, for anyone with nothing more exciting to do with their evening: http://www.lewisham.gov.uk/myservices/business/tendersandcontracts/procurement/Documents/Final%20Business%20Case%20%28March%202011%29.pdf)

    • That’s an amazing document. As far as I can see, they’ve sold our lamp posts to a PFI contract which runs over 25 years, and will cost £80m?

    • Blackheath Bird

      Deborah – It’s a forlorn hope, but this is the kind of thing one used to be able to rely on the Blackheath Society for. Have you tried contacting them?

  6. miles roddis

    And how about ‘begins soon’ rather than the stodgy ‘due to commence’?

  7. antmanbee

    it’s just the column that’s being replaced – the lamp will stay in place, so it’ss perfectly accurate


    • miles roddis

      Accurate, that ‘lamp column’, but a clumpy term. What’s happened to the longserving lamp post? It too can handle change.

  8. Jo

    Lorry was installing a lamp on Baizdon rd at 9 am on Friday , blocked road and caused chaos for parents going to the John Ball Primary school. 2 parents were attempting to drive round when the lorry decided to move , scrapped both cars along their sides .

  9. Tina

    If you read the minutes of January meeting of blackheath assembly you will see that the project was put on hold because the conservation issues were not addressed http://councilmeetings.lewisham.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?MId=2681. I couldn’t find anything on the council web pages about this though?

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