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Astronomy on the Heath tonight

The Flamsteed Society writes:

“We thought that you might like to know that we will be running a stargazing event on Blackheath tomorrow evening (Friday 15 February) from 7pm.

We hope to catch a glimpse of the near-Earth asteroid (Asteroid 2012 DA14) as it makes its close pass of Earth. Though it will be difficult to spot, especially given the forecast cloud!, we will give it a try.

There will also be plenty of other objects to view. The International Space Station should pass overhead at about 7.05pm. The Moon will be 30% illuminated in in the south-west, and Jupiter and the Orion Nebula will be well placed.

Details can be found on our website:http://flamsteed.info/event/blackheath-stargazing-friday-15-february-or-saturday-16-february/

For your information, there is likely to be a TV crew from Sky News in attendance, though this will be confirmed tomorrow.”

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