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Hare and Billet – photos for refurbishment

Hare and Billet closed for refurbishment
The Hare & Billet pub is closing for refurbishment from 6th January until 12th February. I’ve been contacted by someone working on the pub’s interior design. If anyone has any historical photos of the pub, or information about the origin of the name, please send it over to me and I will forward it on – ideally I’d like to post them here too if that’s ok with you. Thanks! I’ve asked Neil Rhind to contact them. In his book (p186) it mentions that a horse bus route used to run from nearby the pub in the 1840s? Perhaps the name stems from this business?

There’s always the ghost story I suppose…


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Sisters and Daughters closing

The rumour that Mrs Bugle heard before Christmas is true. Sisters & Daughters in Blackheath is closing. I hadn’t realised it had been there for 27 years. A great shame. It was expensive but had some lovely stuff, and always seemed better value than India Jane who opened up two doors down last year.

According to the comments, it will become an upmarket frozen food shop called Cook.


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