Lewisham Hospital: decision imminent

From 38 degrees:

Across London, NHS services are under threat. Right now, the health secretary Jeremy Hunt is considering scrapping vital services at Lewisham Hospital. If he does, 750,000 Londoners could have just one casualty department between them.

We’ve only got a few hours to stop him – he could be making the decision tomorrow. So far, over 13,000 members of 38 Degrees have asked Hunt to keep Lewisham’s services open. And last Saturday, an amazing 25,000 people turned out to line Lewisham’s streets in protest.

Don’t let Jeremy Hunt close vital Lewisham NHS services. Email him now here:  http://38d.gs/nhs-lewisham


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11 responses to “Lewisham Hospital: decision imminent

  1. Bob Land

    I would be very surprised if this Jeremy Hunt will reverse his decision. The majority of politicians , once elected, never listen or take into account the wishes and demands of the voters.

  2. Iwasonthemarch

    Definitely worth a try! What worries me is that none of the alternative hospitals wants us. King’s have made it clear their A&E can’t cope with the extra numbers. Waiting times at QEH’s A&E are too long already and they are having to send maternity cases as far away as Maidstone. Please, Mr Land: write that letter!

  3. Bob Land

    OK , Iwasonthemarch.

    I have sent an email, as suggested in the original article.

  4. Anonymous

    I support the A&E unit 100% however I dont support the maternity care unit, I received the most unhuman,and cruel treatment there an, I am not the only one with this experience. Why not keep the A&E only?

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. I think that everyone deserves local access to good quality health care, whether in a maternity unit or in A&E. My concern is that by closing the maternity unit and partially-closing the A&E dept, we’ll end up with neither.

  5. What do we do when we’ve got this, Mr Hunt? Ship in droves of extra health visitors? Who’s going to pay for that then, and how can you do it on an NHS headcount down by 61,000 in just over two years? So ends the first part, “What you see”. By this I mean “What you see if you’re melded to the sofa watching Strictly with just The Sun for company”. If you’re even half-awake, the cynical and content-free spin is simply slightly more audacious than the heap of crap we got from the Other Lot during the previous thirteen years.

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