Snowy Blackheath

It’s extremely snowy in Blackheath! But something is very wrong. All the trains appear to be running on time, and there is grit on several pavement corners. I have no idea why or how this has happened, but this oversight should not go unpunished.

Every year I dream of building a massive network of igloos across the heath, strung together with little ice tunnels. It never happens, but last year I managed to build an igloo (not in Blackeath). It’s not as hard as it looks, so long as you have lots of help, and some big plastic crates from a Pound Shop to compact the snow bricks. Try it and let me know where your Blackheath Igloo is!


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3 responses to “Snowy Blackheath

  1. Belinda Dervish

    Talking of igloo’s, Pound Park Nursery School in Charlton is hoping to construct an enormous one out of recycled milk containers as part of a spring term project on ice and snow! We need 300 or so clean 4 pint milk jugs with tops on to create a cool reading nook for the children to read in (SEE EXAMPLE PIC). 150 or so have already been collected by parents but any help your readers could give in collecting more would be greatly appreciated!

    Milk jugs can be donated directly to the school at: Pound Park Road, Royal Borough of Greenwich, SE7 8AF / alternatively readers are welcome to drop them off at 2A Kidbrooke Grove, Blackheath, SE3 0PG. The Igloo also needs a firm cardboard base to stand on so if any readers are having a large appliance delivered in the next few weeks and can donate the cardboard box it comes in that would be fabulous!

    With best regards and many thanks for any help you can offer publicising this!

    Belinda Dervish 07790058329

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great pictures – how little blackheath has changed visually since the 1950’s -(nostalgic sigh!)

    • Bob Land

      You are right, Anonymous, the buildings and the Heath look the same as they did in the 1950’s.

      ( I am still trying to find out how you can publish photos or films on this site. )

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