Sisters and Daughters closing

The rumour that Mrs Bugle heard before Christmas is true. Sisters & Daughters in Blackheath is closing. I hadn’t realised it had been there for 27 years. A great shame. It was expensive but had some lovely stuff, and always seemed better value than India Jane who opened up two doors down last year.

According to the comments, it will become an upmarket frozen food shop called Cook.


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16 responses to “Sisters and Daughters closing

  1. Richard

    Time to start wondering what will replace it. A 2nd Foxtons, anyone?! I’m assuming it’s of a wrong classification to go back to some form of restaurant. I’d love to see some form of japanese/sushi place in Blackheath.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Richard – a small japanese /sushi/ dim sum place is needed

      • Heartof thevillageresident

        Well, Starbucks is also closing soon because the restriction on seated customers makes it uneconomic. More jobs gone. The classification may not be important – Black Vanilla got A1 approval despite their premises having been retail before they took over. BV seem to have more seating than Starbucks and they did serve hot food during the winter (soups or similar, I think). Anyway, the A1 / A3 distinction is a grey area and open to interpretation. It will be interesting to see what replaces Starbucks – Perhaps a small japanese/sushi/dim sum place will take over. I hope not.

  2. Maisie

    That is very bad news. It was always a quirky & interesting shop. It had a charm which I guess is no longer allowed on the High.Street.

  3. Paul

    Can’t say I ever shopped there… but at least it wasn’t an estate agents, which I hope it’s not replaced with. 50% off sounds good! Probably make their stuff almost a cheap as online. Just waiting for Cost cutter to close now and be replaced with a Simply Food M&S or Tesco Metro. PS. Has anyone been in the new Age Exchange/Library? It’s a really nice area to sit and meet for people – give it a ago it’s not just for senior citizens. My only gripe is the Library aspect… Not a library in my in my view. I think I own more books myself. Better than nothing but a real loss to anyone who required access to a reference library.

  4. Helen Caruana Galizia

    Yes, this is sad news. Recently it seemed to revive and there was one really helpful new staff member. The cards etc were good too. Stil It hasn’t been so good since Carola’s days when they used to sell things like Italian paperweights. What will replace it? Can anyone imagine a time when some of the village shops might revert to houses ?

  5. At least it sounds like they weren’t forced to close down. It’s a pity tho. It’s nice to have places to potter in the village

  6. It’s difficult to survive when it’s not very clear what your specialism is.

    One day you can find something utterly brilliant, the next day nothing. The businesses that have recently launched and appear to be doing well i.e. Black Vanilla for example specialise in Gelato and Coffee. To my surprise people will even eat Ice Cream in Winter if you’re really creative and good at it….

    You could argue they’re a good place to potter around, but customers pottering around doesn’t pay the bills. It could be the owner has simply retired and nobody wishes to take the business on but I would be surprised they didn’t hand the business down or sell in that instance.

    That said I hope someone niche with some integrity moves in.

  7. Sue

    Too sad for words!!

  8. Anonymous

    I believe it is going to be a ‘Cook’, the chain which sells posh frozen food !!

  9. Local lass

    It is going to be a COOK, the posh frozen food chain!

  10. George

    Another lovely independent shop lost. But we like Cook … Saves a trip to Petts Wood

  11. Anonymous

    shame, as surely we have that with Handmade Foods…

  12. Anonymous

    Was told the rent had been put up and was too expensive,the solicitors next door owns the shop and has hiked up the rent. It is now going to be a high end frozen food shop called cook. The current owner of the shop has moved to Hampshire and may open a shop there. Very sad as I loved this shop!

  13. Kate

    Also they had a big problem with shop lifting. One of the last last independent shops to go, really sad and very bad for the Village.

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