Shepherd’s food of the week

Chocolate sardines in Shepherd Foods

Five chocolate sardines on sale in Shepherd’s Food. For the bargain price of £9.95.


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8 responses to “Shepherd’s food of the week

  1. Matthew Gough

    Shepherd Foods is so expensive it’s reserved for emergencies only in our house. And nothing is ever that much of an emergency! Except when making a pavlova and I’ve not got enough cream… ;-)

  2. Helen Caruana Galizia

    Ours too. Have you ever tried to find Shepherds Head Office? I don’t believe there is one.

  3. Trog

    They are Michel Cluizel chocolate sardines though….none of your everyday vegelate rubbish. Too expensive for me, but I’d gratefully munch on one if someone else was paying!

  4. Nurse DustyV

    LOVE this ‘food of the week’ feature. Please do it every week, although I have a feeling they will all be orginating from Shepherds.

  5. Re prices in the shops in the run-up to the Festive Season:

    Just in time for Christmas, would you believe, surprise surprise, Tescos this
    month hiked the price of a 70cl bottle of its very wonderful Tesco Everyday Value Brandy (the poor person’s tipple) from £9.89 to TEN POUNDS FIFTY.

    That’s TEN POUNDS FIFTY, Ladies and Gentlemen, an increase of more than 6 percent (Britain’s annual rate of inflation is currently 2.7 percent).

    And just in time for Christmas, Sainsbury’s this month raised the price of a 70cl bottle of its equally very wonderful Sainsbury’s Basics French Brandy to … wait for it! wait for it! … yes, you guessed it … TEN POUNDS FIFTY.

    Take the labels off and they look (and taste) exactly the same. Come to that, leave the labels on and they still look virtually the same.

    What I “love” (apart from indicating what we’re prepared to pour down our own throats chez O’Brien and partner and the throats of friends and neighbours) is the specifically targeted Christmas profiteering by these two companies at a time of year when spirit sales always rise steeply.

    … That and the UTTERLY FEROCIOUS ITEM-BY-ITEM PENNY-PARING PRICE WARFARE that this clearly indicates RAGES between these two leading supermarket giants as they battle to keep prices down in these days of austerity (I don’t think).

    Another term for it is price-fixing.

    Happy Christmas.

  6. @HTFB

    The Shepherd Foods website says they are part of the grocers Partridges who hold a Royal Warrant, which means their head office is:
    Partridges of Sloane Square Limited
    2-5 Duke Of York Square, London, SW3 4LY
    Companies’ House number: 01193786

  7. Richard

    Ahh my favourite Blackheath shop. I always know where to go if I’m in a last-minute rush for marzipan, capers, lindt chocolate or overpriced almost out-of-date sliced exotic meat. One day they might learn to stock sensibly and probably make more profit.

  8. Sue

    Long live Shepherds – every household needs a last minute shop in the village.

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