Blackheath Christmas lights switching on today

Blackheath Christmas Lights Switching on 2008

At 4.30pm today the Blackheath Lights will be switched on.  Nick Ferrari, the quietly-spoken socialist will be doing the honours.  Shops are staying open later, The Samaritans are carol singing, and the Salvation Army will be playing from 3pm.

Before and after image from the lights switch-on back in 2008, when I had more time to write this blog (apologies for the lack of updates lately- work is busy).


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5 responses to “Blackheath Christmas lights switching on today

  1. Tom

    That probably means the extremely annoying set of people who spent all December camped outside the station, shouting carolls and waving their buckets at everyone are about to appear. Just as I was looking forward to the holidays.

  2. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Anyone know why the lights still aren’t working on the east side of Lee Road south of Bennett Park? That’s the Greenwich part of the village, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s a punishment for Greenwich not helping to fund the fireworks.

  3. Tom

    The Christmas lights are awful, out of date rubbish, Greenwich has much better Christmas lights, most of them aren’t working anyway. The tree is fine, tastefully decorated with clear lights but thats it. Blackheath can do better!!

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