Turkey coming and going

The Bookshop on the Heath has interesting books about Turkey in its windows. Never read The Eunuch of Stamboul, but according to this blog post, looks like an entertaining read. Apparently it was also made into a film in 1936, which can be viewed for free at the BFI’s Mediatheque.

The Eunuch of Stamboul by Dennis Wheatley in the window of The Bookshop on the Heath

Book about Turkey in the Bookshop on the Heath's window

Speaking of Turkey, Blackheath’s dabbling with Turkish food has come to a close. Not a huge surprise given some of the competition nearby. It was never a great place, as many of the reviews here have mentioned. Will Cote be any better?

Fistik about to become Cote

Cote coming soon


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21 responses to “Turkey coming and going

  1. Jaybird

    I’ve eaten in a Cote in Richmond 2 oe 3 times, and been very happy with it. It’s well run, cheerful service, very good unpretentious food well-cooked, And very good value. A grilled half a Breton delicious chicken with fries for a tenner? They’ll certainly give Chapters, Cafe Rouge and the rest a run for their money!

  2. Welcome home, Mr. ‘Orn. It’s nice to have you back. The place hasn’t been the same without you.

  3. Anonymous

    “Dabbling” is a little harsh. Eddie launched his empire here more than 30 years ago as a kebab takeaway. Intervening identities have ebbed and waned. The Vietnamese and TexMex were packed at first but all failed for lack of value for money. Now we have another soulless chain. Thank [unproven deity] for an independent like the Buenos Aires

    • Anonymous

      Better a high end chain with locations in some of the best parts of London rather than a LCD kebab shop dressed up as a bistro. Branded shops don’t always have to lead to cloned high streets – Farrow and Ball, Fired Earth, for example

  4. Ed

    Please can someone explain how the Cactus Pit keeps in business as it always seems empty

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Wipe clean menus. Awful. It’s a massive plot. Ideal for a high end restaurant. We are missing a Sushi restaurant as well. Itsu would go down well somewhere

      • Anonymous

        OMG! Not wipe-clean menus!!! How can such riff-raff be allowed when we could have a vegan co-operative serving the best of Bulgarian ethic delicacies, or a five-star Michelin teasing the locals with modest £175-a-head fare.
        I luvs the way people think they should dictate who operate premises. If there was demand for high-end eateries, they would flourish. Remember that part of the Cactus Pit was once the only top French restaurant in the area. But no-one ate there. So it failed. Querce recently suffered the same fate. Even Chapter II had to downgrade to an all-day eaterie to survive.

    • Anonymous

      Try wandering past after 10pm on a Friday or Saturday and you will see where the profits come from. The rare late booze ‘n music licence makes it a honeypot for already-well-lubricated youngsters. Almost make you doubt there is a recession and youth unemployment is soaring.

      • Anonymous

        Hilarious OMG response. Someone expresses a view on what might be a nice restaurant and another lurches into what is now being dictated about what people can eat in Blackheath and going on about riff-raff?! Chip and shoulder spring to mind. Michelin stars only go to three and there are over 20 restaurants in the village – enough for everyone. Also plenty of options a walk away in Lee, Greenwich, New Star, Deptford and Lewisham. Why not promote Blackheath as a culinary centre of food excellence? Doesn’t even have to be Michelin starred (and not even the Fat Duck is £175 a head!), just good quality food in nice surroundings with two or three high end places to promote inward investment and jobs to the area. Bella vista does a great midweek pasta and wine menu for under £10.

    • J Sailor

      Your concern was justified. RIP Cactus Pit.

  5. “All the elegance, informality and buzz of a classic Parisian bistro”.

    In Blackheath? These days? They’re kidding.

    This place is mostly deserted on weekday nights and on weekend nights it’s plain squalid, awash with drugs, drunks, screamers and police and with the occasional knifing down the road to remind us this really is SE London.

    • Bob Land

      Oh dear, Michelle,

      Is it that bad, in my day , a couple of people got a bit tipsy on a Saturday night, and I think a policeman came round once a week on his bike. Screamers ?????

  6. Anonymous

    does anyone know when Cote is opening? I agree a Japanese restaurant would be nice in Blackheath

  7. Jim

    A wagamma’s would be great and would be very busy

  8. Agree with the comments above re: a Japanese place. Sushi and noodles would be lovely. My heart sank when that Venice place opened in place of Mountain View. Predictably, it is always near-empty. Do people not think to do any research that there may be already Italian restaurants in Blackheath. Would have thought the likes Wagamama (which I realise splits opinion given its ubiquity) would hoover up the cash on that site.

    I’m sure Cote will do well there. If it doesn’t then we can only conclude that someone has put a curse on that site. El Pirata, Pizzada, Fistik…all seemingly did hopelessly but maybe that’s because what they served up was naff.

    Did love Michelle’s comment about Blackheath above. What a terrible dive it’s become, eh? I have to run home through Tranquil Vale to avoid the knives and the guns.

    • Anonymous

      I presume that Reanaldo would have not opened Buenos Aires if he had “done research” about the number of existing steak bars [Locale and Chapters immediately spring to mind]. But he relied instead on the idea that quality and value would suffice. He has never paid for an advert and you are lucky to get a table without booking several days ahead, so I guess he was right.

  9. James

    Does Michelle realise she lives in a city … It sounds like it time for her to move to the countryside .

  10. Cath

    or a good chinese wouldn’t go a miss – there’s a real lack in our neck of the woods.
    ps.michelle definitely needs to move to the cotswolds if she thinks Blackheath is rough
    pps. love India jane – some of it is overpriced but there are some great value bits and pieces – christmas decs always good value for what you get

  11. Ed

    Saw today in an estate agents window that the lease is for sale for the Venice restaurant , did not last long but not suprised as always empty . It is needs to be a chain my vote is for a Wagamma’s (might be too large a site ?). Same window I also so Khans up as well, a real shame as it used to be my favourite , my “used to” probably says it all . Again if chain my vote would be for a GBK.

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