Emotional baggage

Sorry for the silence recently. I’ve been travelling with work, so it’s hard to post anything. Yesterday after a 14 hour flight, I headed out again to Victoria station from Blackheath with a small suitcase…

Except that I didn’t. In my jetlagged state, I left the suitcase on the platform by mistake. I only realised by the time I’d reached Victoria. Blackheath station doesn’t have its phone number listed, so I phoned British Transport Police, and explained the situation. They put me straight through to Blackheath station, who went and looked for my suitcase.

I rushed back there, and asked at the ticket office. “I was about to blow it up!” was the response!

So, all in all, the system worked perfectly, the station staff were very helpful, and I got my luggage back! A good example of why stations should be staffed.


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4 responses to “Emotional baggage

  1. Jane

    I wonder if you and your readers would care to check out a planning application made for 21 Montpelier Row located in the heart of Blackheath Village opposite the church. Application No. DC/12/81076 on Lewisham Council’s website.

    We are encouraging Blackheath residents to object to the extensive plans that have been submitted that would change the rear exterior facade of this listed building in a conservation area to include a very contemporary architectural features, In themselves these are fine, but not in the location being proposed. The application also requests permission to cut down two mature Lime trees for no purpose which will destroy the leafy view of many residents in the Montpelier Row area. The addtions of a swimming pool and very contemporary landscaped garden are completely out of character for the village and neighbouring properties. We are hoping for support in our fight to keep the heart of Blackheath special for current residents and generations to come so please do email me for more details janecameron1900@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Anne Fairclough

    Dear Jane


Thank you for bringing this to our attention but having had a look at the planning application for 21 Montpelier Row I feel the proposed changes are delightful and of such a high quality design that along with the beautiful landscaping will only go on to enhance the property and its surroundings. 

    As some of the neighbouring properties are looking rather neglected it is refreshing that residents are prepared to continue to enhance their properties to a standard that Blackheath deserves.

  3. Anonymous

    I fail to see how cutting down mature trees and paving over the front and rear gardens will be a positive additon to the leafy and green enviornment which makes Blackheath Village so special

  4. Charlotte Cooper

    I’d like to say how great I have found British Transport Police to be. I locked my elderly bike up at Westcombe Park station last year and when I returned that evening it had disappeared. BTP took it very seriously and had solved the disappearance (it had been removed and put in the station office) before I’d even had a call back from the Met.

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