Daily Archives: August 18, 2012

Emotional baggage

Sorry for the silence recently. I’ve been travelling with work, so it’s hard to post anything. Yesterday after a 14 hour flight, I headed out again to Victoria station from Blackheath with a small suitcase…

Except that I didn’t. In my jetlagged state, I left the suitcase on the platform by mistake. I only realised by the time I’d reached Victoria. Blackheath station doesn’t have its phone number listed, so I phoned British Transport Police, and explained the situation. They put me straight through to Blackheath station, who went and looked for my suitcase.

I rushed back there, and asked at the ticket office. “I was about to blow it up!” was the response!

So, all in all, the system worked perfectly, the station staff were very helpful, and I got my luggage back! A good example of why stations should be staffed.


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