Blackheath Big Screen starts tonight

Big screen on the heath, by twitter user @Brightstar24
UPDATE: Photo above submitted by twitter user Brightstar24
The Olympics opening ceremony is going to be screened on Blackheath tonight from 7.30pm. There’s a map here.

Here’s a quick Google Map showing the location:

Technically the event is called “Lewisham Big Screen”, but it seems to be a bit of a misnomer to me…

Below is a re-post of the info from Lewisham council about the event. If anyone has any photos of the screens being prepared, please email me.

The timetable for the Olympics “big screen” on Blackheath has been released:

27 July 7.30pm-12.30am
London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Lewisham Big Screen will show live coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
27 July – 12 August
Live coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Watch live coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games on a big screen on Blackheath
28 July 12 noon-7pm
Lewisham Live

Music, dance and song from Lewisham’s talented young people
29 July 12 noon-10.30pm
Sing Out!

A day of song and music from choirs around the borough – and the BBC Singers
30 July 6-11pm
Blackheath Halls presents The Icarus Club

The Icarus Club – promoting and encouraging singer/songwriters and instrumentalists
31 July 2-4pm
21st Century Tea Dance

Positive Ageing Council and the Young Mayor present the 21st Century Tea Dance
1 August 1-5pm
PING! workshops

Music and sport – a London 2012 combination
2 August
Mayor’s Quiz Night

Quiz night in aid of the Mayor’s chosen charity – The Lavender Trust
4 August 12 noon-10.30pm
Super Saturday

Super Saturday – stalls, performers, entertainment galore
7 August
Big Dance

8 August 7-9.30pm
The Big Conversation

Join the Big Conversation – and find out what’s important to you
9 August 1-5pm
Southern Exposure PG Fim Marathon

26 films from 26 young directors
10 August 12 noon-10.30pm

A day of stories, performance poets, readings and verse
11 August From 12 noon

A day of street performances
12 August 7.30-10.30pm
London 2012 Closing Ceremony

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6 responses to “Blackheath Big Screen starts tonight

  1. Anonymous

    Your Google map pins show the original location provided at public meetings with a promise that the screen would be at least 50 metres from the nearest home. Take a picture from the other direction and you’ll see the new location is less than half that distance away from windows.

  2. henttyg

    I’m very surprised by the number of fun fair venues (there seems not much room for screen watchers)…now less worried about noise from the screen…usually the fun fairs are further away from the village and we can still hear the announcements and booming music…with them this close?

    • Anonymous

      I presume that by now you will be wishing the funfair and screen locations were reversed. Promises of restricting noise levels evaporated at around 8pm. Windows at the top of the village were literally shaking in their frames till well past midnight.
      Still, only once in a lifetime, as I presume the volume will decline along with the size of the crowd for the rest of the Lymix. And it was lotsa fun.

  3. Anonymous

    The area for the Big Screen is surprsingly small, the opening ceremony was extremely uncomfortable and packed for those that were there. Given the size of the heath I don’t know why the screen
    couldn’t have been positioned where the funfair is currently located which is further away from the residents bordering the heath and would have allowed more people to spread out instead of sitting cheek by jowl

    • Anonymous

      Your suggestion was made continuously over months of licence hearing and consultations. The organisers gave a series of lame excuses such claiming that LOCOG wanted the area on the other side of the church kept clear for its own use. Presumably the fair is not run by LOCOG.

      Moving the screen CLOSER to homes than stated in the licence documents was apparently the suggestion of the noise protection consultants, who felt that sound would radiate better across the open heath. Try figuring out that logic.

      I fear for the sanity of residents around the other side of the heath if the same noise “experts” are used for next year’s [and every other future year’s] pop festival.

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