The mysterious parcel

UPDATE: As this has been solved by some very straightforward detective work, I’m going to remove the personal details from the post, and contact the person who asked me about it. I’ll leave the rest up for posterity.
Jamie writes:
> I’m hoping you can help me out with something. A package was incorrectly delivered to my building (# Bennett Park) and nobody > knows the person to whom it was addressed. We have contacted the delivery service to inform them of the mistake but they have proved > to be totally rubbish in sorting it out. I’d like to try and track down the intended recipient and was wondering if you might be > willing to create a post to help track them down?
> The package was addressed to: ### ####, ### ####, SE3 ###. >
> There is no flat H at no. ###and the postcode should end in ###. >
> Please let me know if you can help.
> Regards,
> Jamie


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5 responses to “The mysterious parcel

  1. Anonymous has this person listed at 35H and her telephone number

  2. Lash has this person listed at ### and her telephone number.

  3. House of Joy

    Strangely enough I received a huge parcel corrrectly addressed to me and at the right address but with no indication of sender inside or out. It was a very ornate old-fashioned tea set (judging from the one piece I opened). I certainly didn’t order it from anywhere. Is this some kind of new joke? Anyone else had one?

  4. Anonymous

    This has happened to me too! Just got a cookery set with my name and address on! Weird…

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