Con Men or Cameron?

House of Joy writes:

Has anyone encountered an (almost) David Cameron look alike asking for money because he’s lost his wallet. Public School English, very well dressed – casual/smart? Encountered him yesterday (16th July) on Lee Terrace and was so intrigued I gave him a couple of quid.

I had a similar experience near Lee Sainsbury’s. Well dressed guy in his 30’s wearing headphones claimed to have lost his wallet and needed the bus fare. I was almost tempted to follow him to see if he was telling the truth… Has it happened to anyone else?


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13 responses to “Con Men or Cameron?

  1. House of Joy

    I wait to hear – I suppose that, irrespective of appearance, background etc it is no different from any other person asking for money. I was wondering whether it is someone “researching” how people would react to a rather unusual type of beggar!

  2. Matt

    There is another bloke who goes around Blackheath and Greenwich pretending to have damaged his motorcycle helmet. Asks for the bus fare. Pretty convincing when I saw him at Blackheath Station (couple of elderly women were giving him cash)…. Not so convincing when I saw him in Greenwich market a few weeks later with the same story!

  3. Kate

    I’ve been approached on Lee Road by a well spoken man in his 30’s needing bus fare to Bow, I had a hunch at the time I was being conned but handed over a quid anyway.

  4. House of Joy

    This is not about Cameron/Con Men but about the sad news that the Blackheath Donkey Man Len Thorne died last week on 11th July. Flowers mark the spot nearest to where the donkeys were and there is a notice giving his family’s phone numbers. Len devoted 64 years to bringing his donkeys to Blackheath. He was also an anti-war poet. A brave man. His Humanist funeral is planned to take place on the track – look out for news.

  5. Michelle O'Brien

    This is the gentleman whose donkeys were alleged by the Daily Mail a few years ago to have been killed and eaten by immigrant gypsies (I forget where the Mail said they came from – Romania perhaps, possibly Bulgaria; anyway somewhere definitely “foreign”.)

    The donkeys had in fact been at home in their field on Shooters Hills enjoying a well-earned rest from giving rides to kids on Blackheath for a few weeks.

    The Guardian exposed the Mail’s story as a fabrication – a typical piece of anti-immigrant, anti-traveler Mail bigotry – and backed by the true facts launched a mini-campaign to get the tabloid to publish a retraction.

    Needless to say, the Mail simply ignored this and let the story stand – with no retraction, no apology, and no acknowledgement of the truth.

    • House of Joy

      Absolutely correct in all you say Michelle. Thank you. It says it all about the Daily Mail. Mr Thorne was a serious, thinking man, dedicated to his donkeys amd also concerned with world problems – not long ago he read to me an anti-war poem he had written. We used to discuss so many subjects when I visited him, May he rest in peace and also get the Humanist funeral he wished for, right there on the donkey track.

    • Jon Lee

      I seem to remember it being The Daily Star and Somalian refugees. But I can see that the Mail might have made up their own version of it.

  6. BlackheathBird

    Michelle/House of Joy – While the gutter press may well have fabricated the bit about Mr Thorne’s donkeys being eaten by foreigners, surely it is true that some animals were actually stolen? I clearly remember a TV interview in which a female member of Mr Thorne’s family said she feared the donkeys had probably “entered the food chain” (her exact words), and Mr Thorne has referred to the theft in subsequent interviews over the years. There is of course always the possibility that animal lovers who dislike seeing donkeys used for rides could have taken them.

    • I remember talking to Len on Sunday and being very moved by just how upset he was about the recent theft of some young donkeys that had been taken from the field at Shooter’s Hill. So some animals were stolen for real. My hazzy memory places the recent in early summer. They included animals a few months old, I think.
      Mr Bugle – any chance the news of Len’s sad passing might get its own front page slot. I only found it be accident here? Thank you, Sir.

      • House of Joy

        Yes Mr Bugle – please put on front page – I don’t know how to operate this system in order to ask you. Pirate King – could you try too please? News of Len’s funeral not available yet. His wish is for a service on the donkey track before the cemetery.

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