Koi in the pond

Koi in the pond next to the prince of wales pub
Vince writes:

I don’t know if the pond by the Princess Of Wales normally has Koi in it, but there are two or three in at the moment. Anyway, I thought it might be of interest. Probably discarded pets.


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6 responses to “Koi in the pond

  1. Eddie Williams

    They are discarded pets,because the last stock of Carp in the pond were removed when the pond was renovated.They too were discarded as I have seen them being put in there.

    • Anonymous

      There have been carp, rudd and roach in the pond for at least the 30 years I have been a daily visitor. They weren’t “discarded”but part of stocking by enthusiasts. And they were never,, as far as I remember, removed during renovation. Are you confusing the H&B pond with the one outside the PoW?
      I’ve watched some monsters cruising just below the surface just about every year although they are much more visible since the H&B volunters cleared the floating pennywort. Chuck in a little bread and you may be lucky to see them rising – or watch the surface boil as it is attacked by shoals of fry.
      As for the Goldies: they appear every few years after people clear their ponds/tanks. Within a season they revert to natural grey. Not so lucky are the odd tropical fish, which succumb quickly to cold/other fish/the heron.

  2. scared of chives

    empty packet of wotsits maybe?

  3. Oh how interesting! I took a video of some ducklings on the pond the other day and when watching it afterwards spotted there was a slight sub-surface disturbance and I couldn’t work out what it might have been – this may well explain it. The video’s nothing special but it’s here http://www.flickr.com/photos/jodiepedia/7519133984/in/photostream

  4. Blackheath Bob

    Good to have you back Bugle.

  5. Emily

    I saw these in the pond the other day – they came right up to the edge. I mentioned it to the council as I was a bit worried about them being discarded pets in case they wouldn’t be able to survive in the pond. They were really cool though – maybe they can live there.

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