Banners and bunting going up in Blackheath

Olympic banners by twitter user HennaK5
Twitter bursting with photos of the flagpoles near the “Big Screen” site, as well as bunting along the high street. The photo above is by twitter user @HennaK5

Bunting going up in Blackheath by Jo Brodie

Banners by twitter user @MrsQmusic


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7 responses to “Banners and bunting going up in Blackheath

  1. Phil

    Shows how observant I am, I just walked across the heath with the dog on my way to the bank and completely missed these. I guess I was too engrossed in my audiobook to notice!

  2. My choir will be singing on the heath. Quite excited.

  3. Anonymous

    when is the opening ceremony?

  4. Anonymous

    The poles are a now even closer to the big screen site. After complaints about potential disturbance from the position facing away from Royal Parade near the church, Lewisham Council has responded by moving it even closer to the windows of dozens of families living around the Tranquil Vale junction. Such nice people to vote for!

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