Amnesty International Book Sale

The Blackheath and Greenwich Group of Amnesty International is holding its annual fund-raising book sale on Saturday 16th June at the Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row, London SE10 (10 minutes walk up Lewisham Hill from Lewisham BR, DLR & Bus Station). Doors open at 9am. (facebook link)

9am-5pm Saturday 16th June
Church of the Ascension,Dartmouth Row,London, SE10 8BF

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2 responses to “Amnesty International Book Sale

  1. Jon Lee

    For anybody who has never been, this booksale is excellent. There is a vast selection of fiction and non-fiction books, many new or very recent and the prices are absurdly cheap. It’s well worth a visit.

    • heartofthevillageresident

      I for one shall be supporting this event for the simple reason that the organisers accept payment by cheque or cash only. Unlike the Age Exchange library which, despite being subsidised by the community, allows those who should know better to pay their library fines by credit card. That surely cannot be right.

      It’s said that the unsold books from the Amnesty book sale are sent away for pulping or are sold in bulk at a knockdown price after the sale. Perhaps the limited Age Exchange book stock referred to by the many critics of Sir Ian and the Blackheath Society’s visionary creation could be boosted by Amnesty contributing, at a modest price, the unsold books from its event to Sir Ian’s library (ideally on condition that the credit card practices at Age Exchange are stopped).

      Well done Amnesty and well done Jon for drawing our attention to the book sale which, for those who aren’t aware, is a bi-annual event where great bargains can be found and which raises large sums to fight human rights abuses.

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