Flowery piano

Blackheath Conservatoire Flowery Piano

There’s a piano covered in grass in front of The Conservatoire.  It’s been there for ages, but I couldn’t bring myself to write about it, without feeling as though a PR person somewhere was congratulating themselves.  I probably just need to stop being such a miserable bastard.  Anyway, it’s very sweet (except for the sign warning people not to play it).  The questions is – will the drummer do the same thing?


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4 responses to “Flowery piano

  1. Kate

    I think it looks lovely, really original idea. Perhaps Blackheath shops could follow suit, grass and flower sauce pans at Cookery Nook,grass and flower washing machines at Selectric, grass and flower sharks at Foxtons …….

  2. scared of chives

    Barry Manicured Lawn

  3. ps – I can promise you that the piano wasn’t a pr stunt – it was really just to have some fun. thanks for posting it, though.

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