One day…

I want the Big Issue seller, and the City A.M. seller to swap outfits, patter, and newspapers, and see how many people notice.


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9 responses to “One day…

  1. Tom

    I don’t like the Big Issue seller, I find his behaviour is verging on harrassment.

    • Dick

      I agree. You can hear him from miles away coming into the village. He has been doing the same old schtick for years, here and at Sainsbury’s before that. He ruins the atmosphere of the Village for me, and first thing in the morning it’s very irritating.

      • Dan

        Although!!…. I’d rather have the bggy biggy biggy than the chuggy chuggy chuggers!

        THAT is harassment!

        I give plenty to charity and I will continue to do so but I’ll choose thank you.

      • Anonymous

        It’s dreadful that they allow a homeless person to annoy residents.

  2. Dan

    I want the City AM seller/distributer to stop dumping bundles of City AM copies in our bin!

  3. Adrian

    Does the CityAM guy have a patter? I thought he was always on his mobile.

  4. Anonymous

    That Big Issue seller has irritated me for some time, first at Sainsburys and now the station with his mock geniality that switches off the moment you walk by – even worse at christmas when he ho ho ho’s

  5. Jaybird

    A couple of weeks I told him he might sell a lot more Big Issues if he made a LOT less noise. He said nothing, but every time he sees me now, he shuts up for the time I’m in view – although I still havent bought one.
    Please, everybody, you tell him too!

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