Blackheath Book Club

Blackheath Book Club. Nice idea. I frequently get emails asking whether I know of any book clubs in the area.
They’re on Evil Facebook, and also Twitter @BlackheathBooks

They’re planning to meet on the last Tuesday of every month, and there’s a vote on their facebook page to choose between the following three books before the next meeting:

Before I Go To Sleep by S J WatsonBefore I Go To Sleep
by S J Watson

Pigeon English by Stephen KelmanPigeon English
by Stephen Kelman

Pure by Andrew MillerPure
by Andrew Miller


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6 responses to “Blackheath Book Club

  1. Agatha

    Fantastic idea :)

  2. Charlotte Cooper

    There’s a book group at Blackheath High School (Blackheath Royal Standard). Next meeting is 25 April. Contact for more details

  3. Anonymous

    Before I go to sleep was great. Enjoyed it so much I bought copies for my friends for christmas.

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