Ho ho

Never mind that we’re dismantling the NHS. Look at Go Travel. Such Fun.


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7 responses to “Ho ho

  1. David and Nick

    I work in the NHS and the coalition is destroying it.

    The Lib Dems are going to be absolutely hammered in the next elections for the following reasons:

    1) A vote for them is essentially a vote to prolong this coalition, and therefore keep the Tories in charge. They will therefore lose the voters who previously oscillated between Labour and Lib Dems.

    2) The Lib Dems have lied on tuition fees, health, taxes and the electorate won’t forget this.

  2. Greenwich Liberal

    David and Nick. It is a bit early to say that the NHS is being destroyed. Also be careful what you wish for. You wil have to make sure that all ex/disaffected LD voters vote Labour because a vote for a minority party or a “won’t vote” (as I suspect will be the case while Ed M is leader) will deliver a Tory government. You will then get the full onslaught, and apart from Ken Clarke and a few others there will be no LDs around to make the mix more palatable – something that has had to be done with a very small minority of MPs.

    On the lying charge – a very emotive word – had we been in government this wouldn’t have happened. We are in a very small minority in a coalition, sorry. For what it’s worth local Greenwich Lib Dems went public on opposing tuition fee rises and lobbied our MPs to do the same (to no avail) and I have linked to my own views on the NHS Bill (I wanted it dropped).

    Anyway I probably shouldn’t go on – a bit heavy for a Saturday night. Thanks for the post BB and for allowing my comments throught despite your obvious hatred of the Lib Dems. Free speech and all that – appreciated. It has also seen the traffic on my blog explode so thanks. Happy Easter to all!

  3. David and Nick

    Thanks Greenwich Liberal. Happy Easter to you too! No offence intended. I am just disappointed with the fall of the Lib Dems since the potential demonstrated in the late 1990s and early 2000s. At one point I hoped they would overtake the Tories as the second party in UK politics.

    I had read your views on the NHS Bill prior to posting and was impressed with your refreshing honesty.

    No-one envies Nick Clegg’s position – he is the most successful and the most vilified Lib Dem leader of my generation, both at the same time.


  4. David and Nick

    I hope the Lib Dems can at least support publication of the risk register?


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