Mystery man living in Blackheath hole

From “This Is Locally A Terrible Name for a Website London”:

Mystery man living in Blackheath hole

CONCERN surrounds the welfare of a mystery Middle Eastern man who has lived in a hole on Blackheath for nearly four years.

Strange story… Is it true?


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11 responses to “Mystery man living in Blackheath hole

  1. henttyg

    What will happen to the homeless woman in Greenwich Park during the Olympics? She’s been in the Park a long time (some local people leave her packages etc.)

    • chris corn

      lovely homeless lady died on 13dec hit by a lorry on blackheath so sad she will be missed

      • henttyg

        Thank you Chris…am truly shocked and sad…have been looking for her in usual haunts and even asked the Park office before Christmas and the woman there didn’t know…have seen the police sign re ‘fatal incident’ on the A2 and I didn’t connect it with the woman’s disappearance…I wondered if she got ill during this rainy season. So very sorry…HG

  2. N&S

    In a hole? More like on a hillock (whitefield’s mount). How on earth did he survive the snow? Been there for years. Even returned after the fire there, which I thought could have been caused by him, or by someone trying to get rid of the poor bugger.

  3. Anonymous

    He’s been on the Mount [not in a hole] for years. Pretty well hidden under bushes before the fire. Then moved a few feet after the fire and acquired a blue tarpaulin. The dog always skips over to say hello to him on our daily walk.

  4. Ed

    I remember seeing him watch the fire brigade put out the fire.

  5. Michelle O'Brien

    “Mystery man living in Blackheath hole”

    I wonder how much Foxtons sold that to him for?

  6. amy

    Is this the same guy who spends the mornings behind the railings in the water pumping station in the North West corner of Greenwich Park just watching people go by….he seems to live there (I often see him rolling up his sleeping bag in the early mornings as if he has slept there all night) but when I enquired about him to the park keepers they said he arrives each morning when the gates open.

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