Olympic Route announced

Olympic Torch Relay Route Announced
Doesn’t pass directly through the village. From Saturday 21st July – Monday 23rd. More details here. I love the fact that it’s sponsored by Coca-cola. Beyond parody.


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4 responses to “Olympic Route announced

  1. Jamie Roberts

    Surely it would be foolish to have anti aircraft missiles in our military inventory and not deploy them? What if some zealot flew a light aircraft into a stadium packed with spectators? I am sure the government and the military are aware of the dangers of firing at aircraft over London and have decided that the benefits outweigh the risks. As I understand it from the news, the primary aim of the launchers is the detection with their radars that can then trigger helicopters or aircraft to intercept. Why does everyone suppose that the government and military are full of idiots? I am sure an awful lot of thought and planning has gone into the decision whether or not to use them. You must admit that Blackheath is a prime location with plenty of space and views of the sky.

  2. Bob Land

    The Heath was filled with Ack Ack Guns during W.W.2,
    in attempt to stop the German Bombers who continously flew across the North Sea and followed the route of the Thames and obviously also Blackheath and Greenwich airspace , when they were bombing East London and the Docklands, and as far as I can remember there was very little damage done to the Heath , except for the odd pieces of schrapnel lying around. the grass was just as green then as it is now. I am pretty sure that the placing of a few missile launchers won’t be a problem.

  3. Bill

    Do you know what the fenced off area on the heath next to Greenwich Park is all about? Cheers, great blog

  4. Ms Lazy

    I think It’s the “contractor compound” for the Olympics, which will be there until all the events are over, all the infrastructure removed and the making good completed – I think this is scheduled to be November. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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