Missiles in action

I’m sure this doesn’t happen that often…


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9 responses to “Missiles in action

  1. k f banhart

    No kite is safe.

  2. Matthew Gough

    hahaha!!!! first one is ‘Dad’s Army’, second one is ‘Saving Private Ryan’….

  3. ThePirateKing

    This story just gets better and better.

    Is it really just me that is terribly excited by the idea of ground to air missiles (!) blowing planes – both friendly and unfriendly – out of the sky?

    The fact that the guards are now confirmed as unarmed will surely mean the weapons ending up in the hands of school children from Blue Coats or other local schools.

    As Fox used to say:

    Trust No One.

    Watch the Skies.

  4. fightingspirit

    No No, PK! It’s not just you! I too am thrilled at the idea of being able to blow Heathrow-bound planes out of the sky at 4.30am! The heath should be quiet at that time and the planes are only full of Kenyan vegetables anyway. Give the pilot a parachute and bring on the missiles, I say!

  5. Anonymous

    These comments are either insensitive (towards pilots) or stupid (given no napalm would be involved) – or both.
    What happened to moderation of comments?

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  7. Has anyone noticed they’re gone??……

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