Missile ranges

If the MoD site is wrong, and Wikipedia is right, then the actual range of a Rapier missile on Blackheath is 6.8km, not 500m (spotted by @ripienaar).
Range of a 6.8km missile on Blackheath

Made using http://obeattie.github.com/gmaps-radius/


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2 responses to “Missile ranges

  1. skittles

    So this is designed to ‘protect’ Canary Wharf? I think the Royal Blackheath Golf Club would be a better choice all round. I’m sure the patriotic golfers wouldn’t mind giving up one of their greens in the national interest?

  2. Adam

    You have to love that the MoD site states the missles maximum range is 500m, but the minimum range is 8m.

    Is it possible it’s supposed to read “Minimum 500m, Maximum 8km” ??

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