Blackheath society’s response to the missile crisis

Response from the Blackheath Society

Blackheath has been awash with rumours that air defence missiles will be placed on the Heath to protect the capital during the Olympics.
To the credit of our Lewisham Councillors, security services personnel were brought in to give a briefing to the Blackheath Assembly on 13 March.

Blackheath is one of six sites being evaluated for a possible missile defence system for the duration of the Olympics and some radar equipment was tested on the Heath last week.

We understand that either all six will be chosen, or none. The Blackheath site is opposite Holly Hedge House, the police base for the Olympics. Oxleas Wood is another possible site.

We were told that a final decision as to whether to deploy the system would be made in the early summer and a further test visit is possible.

Our concern is that, if it is decided to go ahead any installation should be as small as possible, especially given the other uses of the Heath by the Olympics already planned.
The security services seemed at pains to acknowledge this, and further consultation was promised.

We await further news.

Howard Shields

So now we know where.
My concern isn’t with the the size of the missiles, but the fact that they are used for blowing things up.
Did any of the planning documents mention a missile base?


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15 responses to “Blackheath society’s response to the missile crisis

  1. skittles

    Oh so they’re only small. That’s all right then.

  2. Anonymous

    So the Blackheath Society remain fully opposed to any use of the heath for such purposes as a music concert but not too concerned as to its potentiality as a missile base…..uhm?

  3. Mo

    I don’t know – I just find it all quite amusing. Farcical maybe.

    If Locog weren’t such a damn secretive Kermlinesque organisation, people would not be getting so anxious about what is happening to their area.

    Heaven fobid that they tell us anything until they are forced into it!

  4. fightingspirit

    Surely the answer lies in Amazon’s Toys section. The MOD could save a lot of money and please the BlackSoc into the bargain by purchasing the following:
    “A multi-faceted fun yet safe weapon set Including slingshot, three foam balls,14-inch missile launcher and five foam darts. Each set in colourful window box packaging.”
    Oh, and why protect the south-east more than other areas? ‘Cos the terrorists will be coming through the channel tunnel, stupid!

  5. I wouldn’t mind betting we won’t be allowed to photograph this missile base if it arrives. Or if we are we’ll have to give any profits from selling the images to the Olympic sponsors. There’s a thought, are McDonalds sponsoring the rockets?

  6. scared of chives

    How much noise will the missiles make? And will the missile operatives have access to toilets while they’re waiting for an attack? We don’t want them keeping children awake or weeing in people’s gardens.

  7. Indigo

    “if it is decided to go ahead any installation should be as small as possible, especially given the other uses of the Heath by the Olympics already planned.
    The security services seemed at pains to acknowledge this”

    It is truly amazing that people still fall for this. Remember when LOCOG was going to “lightly prune” 72 trees in Greenwich Park? That was only two years ago but now in 2012 about 600 trees are being “pruned”, some by having large branches removed up to the height of a London bus which may mean that they will die in the next five years when they would not otherwise have done.

    That missile installation will be as big as the security services think it should be.

    Can I take this opportunity to mention that, two years ago, the Blackheath Society membership voted against having any Olympic events in this area but the executive were prevailed upon to ignore the mandate from their membership. If they had obeyed the mandate, instead, who knows – there might not have been any requirement for missile batteries on Blackheath near homes and businesses.

  8. Rob McIvor

    The Blackheath Society probably wants the missiles aimed at Starbucks in the village.

  9. SEH

    I think this is an awesome idea. Not only will this deter a potential terrorist attack but could be used to keep the local fox population under control. Gets my vote.

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