I’ve often thought…

Blackheath Sunset

I’ve often thought, while jogging across Blackheath on a sunny spring morning, that what it needs is more airborne purveyors of fiery death.

Because, you know, all we have right now is a beautiful open space with some daisies and stuff.

Tweets by @tomroyal, (as it deserved a post all of its own).

Photo by Flickr user KhE 龙.


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8 responses to “I’ve often thought…

  1. Matthew Gough

    ‘airborne purveyors of fiery death’ – like dragons you mean? yes please! :-)

  2. Franklin

    Yay! to airborne purveyors of fiery death!

    Yay! to dragons!

    Boo! to not-very-witty tweets being re-posted as blog entries…

    • Take your receipt over to the customer service counter and wait. They’ll be happy to refund you.

      • Franklin

        I waited and waited and no one ever showed. Where do I file a complaint? ;-)

        On a (rare) serious point: the modern equivalent would be unsubscribing you from my RSS feed. You don’t want your loyal readers to do that, do you?

  3. henttyg

    Can someone tell me what the construction work is…between Duke Humphries Rd and Prince Charles Rd? Thanks.

  4. Bill

    I’ve heard that during the Olympics in the Blackheath area Parking fines will rise to £200.

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