Missile base on Blackheath?

Missiles on Blakheath
Possibly something to bring up at the Blackheath Assembly tomorrow.

Eltham MP Clive Efford blasts Olympics missile plans for Blackheath and Oxleas Wood

PLANS to blast terrorists out of the sky above Greenwich during the Olympics have been attacked by an MP who says he was not consulted.

The Ministry of Defence is proposing placing batteries of surface to air missiles near Oxleas Wood cafe in Shooters Hill and on Blackheath during the Games. Some of the equipment was brought in last week as part of site evaluations.

Anyone know where it is? Time to get a kite up with a little camera on it, I think…

UPDATE – If you’ve got any idea where it is located, feel free to play Pin The Tail on the Missile Base.

Rapier missile photo from Wikipedia

UPDATE 2: The Daily Mail says they are using Rapier missiles. Added a photo from wikipedia, Here’s a link to a less outdated version of the missile, so that you all know what to look out for…. (thanks Rupert)

UPDATE 3: Attempted to make it clearer that the image at the top of the screen is “for illustration purposes only”…


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8 responses to “Missile base on Blackheath?

  1. Penny B

    Is that why part of the heath opposite Greenwich Park (Circus Field?) is now barracaded off? I think I saw some building going on today but can’t be sure. If it is for the Olympics, surely it will have an impact on other activities on the heath like the marathon?

  2. Rupert Fiennes

    That version went out of service 20 years ago. This is what they use now:-


  3. k f banhart

    The Territorial Army base at the western edge of the heath might be a good place to hide a missile battery away.

  4. scott

    So the beer tent beside the big screen won’t be the only place to find rocket fuel during the Olympics then?

  5. Franklin

    Oh come on! The “corky-fruited water dropwort”?? This must be an early April Fools!

    It is, right? Right??

  6. k f banhart

    My worry is whether any kites will be shot down. Think of the children and their fun for pity’s sake. Ruined by the Olympics.

  7. nannyellowhouse

    So the Olympics do have something for everyone! Maybe we should organize day trips! Pity it makes us as much of a target as a deterrent.

  8. bini

    I heard it’s in the Vanbrugh Pit area?

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