Bits of Blackheath were covered in fake snow yesterday, apparently for a Bollywood film production, at All Saints Church.

Pics from twitter in the links below:

UPDATE: It appears to have been a romantic film directed by Yash Chopra, with the working title “Production 45”, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Details below:


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3 responses to “Bollyheath

  1. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t someone tell them the location is not in the “beautiful borough of Greenwich” but across the border in the cute urban hideaway known as Lewisham?

  2. Adam

    Shame the police were there to tell people they weren’t allowed to take photos.

    I was standing in a completely public place on the corner next to Raffles taking photos of the snow (no acting was happening). Two other people were there. We all questioned what law prevented us from doing so, and was told ‘there’s no law, we’re just trying to respect the artistic integrity of the film”.

    Actually, what I would have preferred, is for the police to have ensured this didn’t cause the chaos in traffic that occured that evening as people slowed to a crawl to watch.

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