OnBlackheath pop festival is off

From The Blackheath Society:

OnBlackheath, organiser of the proposed pop concert on the Heath, have advised us that they are cancelling plans for a concert this year, citing the exceptional level of activity in Blackheath already. 


This is welcome news in view of the heavy load on Blackheath in 2012. A point we were making in our earlier campaign.


OnBlackheath are still planning an event in 2013.


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7 responses to “OnBlackheath pop festival is off

  1. Ed

    ?! After all that fuss ! I was looking forward to it . Do you think that’s the real reason as all the events have been known for a long time .

  2. chad valley

    I think the number of additional music events around the Olympics have made it hard for everyone…..certainly not the best year to be introducing a new festival.

  3. Michelle O'Brien

    Oddly, up to present (Wednesday morning) there’s been no mention of this cancellation on the organizers’ own OnBlackheath website – http://www.onblackheath.com/

    It’s not like the NIMBY guys to be slow in coming forward to put their case in public.

    Anybody know what – with the proviso if anything, of course – may really have been going on behind the scenes, over and above what Blackheath Society has said, that the heath will be too busy this year for a pop festival?

  4. scared of chives

    Speculation is pointless, but to perhaps speed up a response – here goes. It could be because:

    – they’ve done a poll and interest in the concert isn’t as high as they thought
    – the organising team have imploded
    – money problems
    – they can’t organise the acts in time and/or no take up
    – they didn’t realise what else was happening in 2012

    All unlikely I’d suggest. Shame it’s cancelled though.

  5. ThePirateKing

    Here’s their official take on it taken from their website.

    Seems fair enough to me:

    OnBlackheath music festival postponed to 2013.
    After careful consideration, and taking into account the additional usage of Blackheath in this Olympic year, the directors of On Blackheath have taken the decision to postpone their inaugural two day music event until September 2013.
    “We have looked long and hard at the challenges that this unique year presents and believe that Blackheath and its residents will be best served by moving the event back to 2013.
    We have had a huge level of support and interest from within the local community and remain as focused as ever on creating an event that can showcase local artists and businesses alongside a breadth of international musical talent.
    It is disappointing to be missing this year but we look ahead to 2013 with confidence and excitement.”
    OnBlackheath February 2012

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