Why does the florists never open late?

Dead flower by Nina Matthews Photography on Flickr
I’m a good candidate for Blackheath Village Flowers. I need to buy flowers once in a while (for Mrs Bugle… especially today). But they’re always closed by the time I come home (before 7pm). Is it a licensing thing? If you ran a florists, wouldn’t you stay open late on February 13th? Here’s their website: It appears to be broken.

(Photo by Nina Matthews Photography on Flickr)


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14 responses to “Why does the florists never open late?

  1. Dan

    Couldn’t agree more!!
    Will be sending them an email asking are they happy to lose business in this way… Strange thing is that all the flowers that are left in shop for all to see will be left to sell at a discount tomorrow…syne they are planning to open early so Mrs Bugle can after all, have her roses!

    • Come to think of it, they’re always still opening up when I go to work, and always closed when I come home!

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t be horrid about the Florists, they are a family who have been part of this community for longer than I have been here, and that is a long time! They know everyone personally and always go the extra mile for us true locals! Sorry to sound yokel..maybe buy your bouquet in town and not support local bussiness!

  2. sp

    You should try Hooper and Palmer down near westcombe park, they’re often open late!

  3. Anonymous

    I would love to see the florist revamped – new awning and painted in Farrow and Ball Teal.
    Lovely fresh bouquets. Take away all of the tat (sorry to say this)
    Less is more!
    How about a new name?? – Blackheath Bouquets…Blackheath Blooms….
    ……Lovely bouquets on Friday nights for the romantic men in Blackheath to buy for their lovexxx

  4. Mat Gough

    ahem, perhaps, Mr Bugle, you shouldn’t leave your romantic commitments until the last minute!

  5. AnonymousTwo

    The Village flower shop has been doing good business for many years without staying open late so they are obviously keeping their customers happy. Great, long may they flourish. The problem is that tastes change in all things, including flowers, and I’m rarely tempted by the choice of flowers or style of presentation.

    Now that we have a posh fish shop, what Blackheath needs is either a posh flower shop with later opening times or a stall like the one at Embankment tube, which sells lovely things at very reasonable prices.

  6. Stuart McQuarrie

    I think they are a terrible flower shop anyway. Their arrangements are awful and they are really expensive. (IMHO)

  7. Lazy_T

    Oddly, I went past on Friday night, at 6.40, and hey presto! They were open!

    Another Triumph for the Bugle!

  8. Anonymous

    Would like to support them but the flowers in there are always dreadful and look half dead. I’m amazed at the tatty looking flowers they put out at full price that are only fit for the bin. Prime location but a completely wasted opportunity. Definitely needs re-vamping….

  9. Michelle O'Brien

    Shame on you, Mr. ‘Orn, Isn’t it time you stopped these anonymous attacks on local businesses appearing on the Blackheath Bugle?

    The anonymous writers are always going to claim they’re acting in good faith with nothing but benign intent. Maybe some (or even all) are. But how these posts always come across is as a sort of modern-day equivalent of the old-fashioned poison pen letter and that’s not good for a community.

    Whatever the intent of the writer in this case, the one above signed “Anonymous” can only harm this long established Blackheath florists at a time when all high street businesses big and small up and down the UK are struggling to survive the recession. His or her message is simple – the flowers here are “always dreadful and look half-dead”, so don’t shop here.

    I think if you’re going to knock somebody else’s business (and their livelihood) on a widely-read local blog you ought to have the courage of your convictions and put your name to it.

    There’s a saying in retail – if you’re satisfied with our service tell other people; if you’re not tell us. Did you tell them in the shop about your criticisms and suggestions before posting here? Well, did you, “Anonymous”?

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with anonymous the flowers here are not good much better to buy the ones in Hortus (or Passion Flower at the Standard) which are always fresh and lovely. And before anyone asks yes I am a true local! We did about ten years ago have a lovely florist called Roses just up the hill near where Chandler Wright now reside but alas they didn’t last too long.

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